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Duke Concrete Products
Open to the Public   50 Duke Industrial Park
Queensbury, NY 12804
518-793-7743 • Fax 518-793-0179

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Duke Concrete Products has been the market leader in the manufacture of high-quality concrete masonry units for over 60 years.
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At Duke Concrete, we pride ourselves on providing "one-stop shopping" to the construction industry for superior quality masonry products. Equally as important, we provide these products with service that leads the marketplace. Our ability to offer market-based pricing on regular and architectural concrete masonry units, as well as related products such as wall reinforcing, insulation and flashings, allows our customers the opportunity to bid work competitively. Our role with the design professional is one of masonry consultant. We welcome the opportunity to assist in the quest for suitable materials for your masonry design. Whether it’s product literature, samples or assistance in calculating firewall design, we strive to promote masonry construction through our interaction with the owner, designer and contractor.







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Store Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Located in Queensbury, N.Y., 40 miles north of the Capital region, Duke Concrete Products, Inc. serves a wide sales area including New York State, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Our long-standing commitment to the manufacture of quality masonry units using high strength concrete, color and admixtures, and our association with industry leaders whose masonry related products are second to none, enable Duke Concrete to provide unmatched quality and service to the masonry community. This is why Duke Concrete leads the industry as demonstrated by our performance, references and awards.